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Band Members
Alaina Alex
Duff Lenson
Robin Tai

Past Shows

Oskar Blues

We played a show at Oskar Blues on Tuesday November 30th at 7:00. We played for about half an hour took a break and then finished the rest of our set list. Afterwards we got free pizza from Oskar Blues.

Democratic Fundraiser

We played for a Democratic Fundraiser on October 15, 2004. We were one of many local musicians. We played the same set as the Oriental Theatre show except better. The audience was an average age of 70 so we didn't sell any cd's or get much of a crowd reaction. We did, however, get an article put in our local paper about us playing there.

Oriental Theatre 2004

We played at the Oriental Theatre on Friday October 1st, 2004. We were the opening band followed by The Right Aways, The Accidents, and 3 Card Monte. We played 5 songs: Things Suck, Teenage Riot, Don't Fuck With Alaina, Basement, and Headin' Out. The show went pretty well. Everyone was pretty nervous and there wasn't very much excitment on stage but we were happy with our performance. Thanks to all the other bands for letting us play.

Lyons Good Ole Days Talent Show 2004

We played at this talent show for the second time. We put together a song the day before the talent show called Headin' Out. Considering we had known the song for 24 hours we didn't do too bad. Everyone thought we were too loud and we won "Most Original Group." The drumline that Robin and Zach played in got "Best Group." The Drumline received some savings bonds and we got some tickets to the Boondocks for Miniature Golf.

Wedding Anniversary

We played at Duff's parents' wedding anniversary on June 23rd, 2004. We were asked to play soft music so we learned a few Jazz tunes for this show. We were supposed to play for 2 hours so we played our set list twice to fill the time.

Bolder Boulder 2004

We played at the Bolder Boulder on May 31 in front of Sam's Fitness Center at the begining of the race on 30th and Valmont.

Lyons High School Talent Show 2004

We entered the talent show at our school and played Ska Song and Los Esperados. It was an instrumental because the band was only Duff, Lenson, Robin, and Zach. We got first place and got a bag of candy...yay.

Oskar Blues

We played at Oskar Blues in Lyons at an employee party. Evan was singing for us then.

Bolder Boulder 2003

Robin was gone for this and Ben was still in our band. We played in front of Sam's Fitness Center and needless to say it wasn't very good.

Lyons Good Ole Days Talent Show 2003

We played a short original called This One followed by a drum solo and then a cover of Sorrow by Bad Religion with Zach's dad singing. We won "Best Group" and received some tickets to Water World, a Savings Bond, and tickets for Miniature Golf.