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Band Members
Alaina Alex
Duff Robin
Tai Will
Past Members

Welcome to Public Force Field's website. If you have advice or want to book us at your gig, email us at Thank you for visiting.


We are playing at the Oriental Theatre on Friday, February 26. More info in the events section.

We are transfering out site to (not up yet). So this site will be out of date soon. We will keep everyone posted (via the mailing list) on important events.
If you wish to join our mailing list send an email to us. The emails will contain upcoming show info, updated site info, and more.

Our demo is finished. It has three originals: Headin' Out, Roadkill, and 13/8. It also has a cover: Teenage Riot by The Ataris. You can check out three of these songs at Pure Volume or contact us and we'll send you a copy.

To view autobiographies click on the links to the left. To learn about our upcoming and past shows click events. To read about the history of the band or learn about our songs click Info.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2004


Will's link will only be accesible from the home page until we update more.

Coming Soon:

Pictures of us recording, thumbnail pictures to replace the numbers, and a new site.

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