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Band Members
Alaina Alex
Duff Lenson
Robin Tai

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The band started when a guitarist from school, Ben, and I started messing around in my basement in 2002. We soon added a drummer who had started playing bass, Robin, as our bassist. A few months later we added my friend Duff who had recently started playing guitar. We also added our friend Eric Miller on guitar who was brand new to music. We all planned to play at a talent show at the end of the school year in 2003 but we never pulled anything together.

We were asked to play at the 2003 Bolder Boulder in front of Sam's Fitness Center. We threw some songs together but Robin wasn't able to make it and Ben played bass and tryed to sing. We performed as One Man Orgy covering songs like Hotel Room-Mest, Blitzkrieg Bop-?, Chop Suey!-System Of A Down, Wipe Out-Sufaris, and more. Between not having enough time to prepare and not really knowing what we were doing, it didn't go over very well.

After that "show" we kicked out Ben and started preparing for a Talent Show. We picked the song Bad Religion by Sorrow and decided to have my dad sing for us. We played a short instrumental called This One that we had written, followed by a drum solo, into Sorrow. We got first place in the talent show and went by the name "Actually." At the time the band was: Dave (my dad)-Vocals, Duff-Guitar, Miller-2nd Guitar, Robin-Bass, Me-Drums.

During the school year at the end of 2003 we were asked to play at an employee meeting for Miller's work- Oskar Blues. We recruited Evan to sing for us only because he knew the words to our covers. We also had a few originals and it didn't go very bad except for the singing. After his short shot at fame with a nameless band Evan was kicked out.

One day a kid randomly showed up at one of our practices apparently invited by Miller. His name was Fox and he had a good voice for the music we played and was pretty good at guitar. He just had some problems putting the two together. About the same time he joined we kicked out Miller. Of all the people that had come and gone he was the hardest to kick out. He was a good friend, his musicianship just wasn't improving as fast as everyone else's. Also at this time we decided we definently needed a permanent name. We came up with ideas such as: The Angry Gummi Bears, Unconsious 5, Jeanyuses, Freefalling From Grace, and more. Then one morning I walked up to Robin and said, "I just had a dream that the band was called Public Force Field." It was ok with everyone and the name stuck. I spray painted it onto my bass drum heads and that was the end of our debating.

Fox never actually played a show with us and we hung up fliers in Longmont looking for a singer. At the end of the school year in 2004 we added a sax, Lenson, to the band and we played 2 instrumentals, Ska Song and a version of Los Esperados, at the school talent show and took first place. Miller had joined another band with Fox as their singer and there was a third band with Ben drumming and Fox also singing.

Right after that we got a call from a female jazz vocalist who was interested in trying out punk music. We were all hesitant about having a female vocalist but if she had a jazz background we thought she must have a pretty good voice. We told her to learn a few covers we knew and try her out. She came over about 2 weeks later. We ran the songs and it was surprising how easily we added her to everything. We finally had a vocalist.

Playing more ska music we decided to add my cousin, Tai, on trumpet and Alex on trombone. We had become a 7 member band- Alaina, Alex, Duff, Robin, Tai, and me. We were reinvited to the Bolder Boulder and we performed for the last half of it (Duff forgot his guitar so we started late) in front of Sam's Fitness Center again.

After that Duff's parents wanted us to play at their wedding anniversary so we learned some jazz by request and played there. The same week we performed at the same talent show we had performed Sorrow at. And that is how Public Force Field came to be.

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