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Band Members
Alaina Alex
Duff Lenson
Robin Tai

Headin' Out

by Lenson

(DONíT) tell me youíve grown up
when grown up means you gotta keep puttin me
(DOWN) tell me youíve grown up
you try too hard to show up with a
(FROWN) at me, itís sad to see,
you act this way and you keep on looking
(DOWN) at me, weíre meant to be,
enjoying life as far as I can see

I donít want to live that way
if it means I canít have music anymore
I donít need to walk that way
now soon youíll catch me walkin' out the door
you might say that I should stay
but I know you donít like that anyway
just donít try to stop me now
Iím headed out and todayís the final day


(SEE) your choice, use your voice,
grow old now or try to stay young and
(FREE) yourself, enjoy it well,
you try to hard to blame it all on
(ME) I know, you wonít try,
because you think Iím living in a
(DREAM) Thatís why, although I tried,
itís time now that I pick myself up and leave


If only you'd head from this town
then I'd show you around
come be so afraid
there's good times to be found
you can't close your eyes
you fear what you will find
from your dreams you do run
you can't leave them behind.
if only you'd head from this town
then I'd show you around
come be so afraid


(RUN) around, to higher ground,
to some place where you canít look down on
(ME) timeís now, so fly above,
stop yourself from clinging to the
(GROUND) Right now, just try to see,
there are places out there that make me want to
(LEAVE) this town, and run around,
stay out there and keep from being down