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Band Members
Alaina Alex
Duff Lenson
Robin Tai

Los Esperados

by Lenson and Alaina

Tumbleweed heroes
wield salty pistols
sandstone walls
cave in on doors
Dusty streets with
empty barstools
damsels cry in distress
no more

How do you sleep in these
sweltering nights
tipped sombreros
curve the lime lights
calloused hands that
once wrote stories
are broken down
from a thousand fights

Tell me your name, senor
what's your story?
do you miss a little bit of your
morning glory?
when did she leave you?
how long was she there?
just pour me a cold one because
I don't care

Lovers leave
we all stay
tequila keeps
our wayward ways
lovers leave
we all stay
tequila keeps
our wayward ways

She used to whisper
like that broken fan
taunting your bed sheets
and your mind
your apartment's door
once fell silent
the time she left you
left you behind

Now you wonder
where you're going
now she's gone
there's no story
life's a sandstorm
rollin' on empty
but this broken town
did steal your glory

Candles burn
buildings fall over
the church on fire
but no one cares
You want to climb higher
chase your desires
but those broken wood chips
once were stairs

Chorus x2