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Band Members
Alaina Alex
Duff Lenson
Robin Tai

May 26, 2004

The origin of my singing begins in a blue, rusty Ford pick-up with a worn tape of Roy Orbinsons. My father used to play his songs over and over again because I loved to sing right along with them, it was a great philanthropic gesture on his part, as I admit that a 5 year-old wailing voice isnt exactly pleasant to the ear. Although I do still have that particular tape, the limitations of the Ford walls have gone and my vocal experience has greatly ascended.

Choir and music courses were always my favorite electives in Elementary School and I took a great liking to singing in groups and concerts, but I always had a problem with singing alone in front of others. When I took up piano at the age of 7, I often found myself humming songs right along with my playing, but I still could not sit down and sing a solo. Things started to change when, in Middle School, I landed a lead roll as The White Rabbit in Helen C. Cannons original musical, Alice in Musicland. After that particular experience, my confidence boosted and my involvement in school music became much more dedicated and much less reserved. As I entered high school, I realized that singing in a plain school choir was not satisfiable enough for me, and I took a more challenging part in the prestigious jazz choir, Evenstar. After singing with Evenstar, my vocal styles began to progress and will continue to do so. I was with Evenstar for two years before I changed schools and my singing came to a brief halt.

My relation with Public Force Field began a few months ago on a sidewalk where my French exchange-student was trying to read all the signs on a lamppost. As she was enunciating the words Singer Needed my attention was caught and I immediately wrote down the number provided. I called Zach immediately after I walked in the front door and, although we were both skeptical about a female singer with a rock band, we decided to give it a shot. Ive not been with the band very long, but already one can see the talent and devotedness of each individual (and very distinct) member.

-Alaina Ferris

Some of my more recent experiences are as follows:

-Commercial Singer for the Niwot High School production of Damn Yankees.

-Alto in Niwot High Schools Starlight choir.

-2nd Alto in Niwot High Schools Evenstar jazz choir (performances include places such as The Elks Club in Louisville, The Niwot Inn, Seagate, Maxtor, St. Vrain district meetings, State Jazz Choir Competitions)

-Star Spangled Banner at Westminsters All-State Womens Softball Competition.