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Band Members
Alaina Alex
Duff Lenson
Robin Tai

May 28, 2004

I was in 5th grade when I started thinking about playing a musical instrument. I chose trumpet because two of my family members whom I looked up to greatly had played them in their youth: my grandfather Bill and my uncle Mark. Sad to say I mainly played to get out of reading class! In middle school I still played but wasn't very devoted and in 7th grade decided to play the French horn. It was also in middle school where I discovered my terror of playing by myself. I switched back to trumpet at the end of 8th grade because I missed the melody parts. Freshmen year I joined the Monarch marching band and it was one of the greatest musical experiences I have ever had. I also took up guitar that year, but was never able to get very good at it, so I was back to my original instrument. Through the last three years my dedication to my instrument and music has reached an all time high. I still have not yet overcome my fear of playing in front of people, but Im getting over it a little at a time.

I became involved with Public Force Field when I attempted to sketch band symbols for my cousin Zach. It wasnt until my recent discovery of ska that I even thought about joining a band. Since joining I have learned more about music than I thought I ever would. The members of Public Force Field never cease to amaze me with their talents!

-Tai Cash