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Band Members
Alaina Alex
Duff Lenson
Robin Tai

May 26, 2004

I got my first drum set when I was 5 because my dad was a musician (drums, guitar, singer). I joined the Lyons Band in 5th grade and our director was a drummer. In middle school the band program underwent a lot of change and we went through about 4 directors. As a Freshman in High Shcool I joined the marching band on snare and we marched a small show. I also started Jazz Band and had my first real set exposure. As a Sophmore we once again got a new band director and I switched to Quads for Marching Band. That summer my dad, sister, and cousin were going to play Johnny B. Goode at a local talent show but I blew out my bass drum head the day of the show and we didn't perform. Over Junior year, me, Ben, and Robin started messing around with songs and we soon added Duff to our band. Later our friend Miller picked up guitar and he also joined the band We performed as One Man Orgy for the 2003 Bolder Boulder. Duff, Ben, Miller, and I (Robin was out of town so Ben played bass) made complete fools of ourselves in front of 50,000 people because Ben was supposed to sing but didn't and instead screamed a lot and put on a show instead of played well. Needless to say, after that we kicked Ben out. We also played at the same Talent Show that we had missed a few years earlier covering Sorrow. My dad sang and Duff, Robin, Miller, and I also performed a short original before Sorrow called This One. We perfomed as Actually and got first place. Senior year I transfered to Monarch and made the Bass Line for the Marching and Winter Percussion seasons. At the same time I took lessons with our instructor on quads. The Marching Band took 11th in State, the Winter Drumline took first in state and 11th at Nationals in San Diego. We played at an Oskar Blues employee meeting in Lyons during the year with Miller, Duff, Robin, and I. We had a new singer Evan, who was kicked out after that gig. During that year our band improved greatly, but went through many players some of which never performed with us. We added a pretty good singer/guitarist after the Oskar's gig named Fox. But he was also in 4 other bands and wasn't as dedicated as we needed him to be. In recent months we completely overhauled our band. We sadly kicked our friend Miller out and were very harsh on people who didn't seem very dedicated. We put up fliers in Longmont specifically asking for a dedicated singer. Alaina called us and we were all reluctant to add a girl singer to our band but we tried it out. Before we practiced with her, we added Lenson on sax and performed at the Lyons High School Talent show taking first place. (Drumline took second with both me and Robin performing with them.) We added my cousin Tai on trumpet and local trombonist, Alex. We practiced with our singer and started sounding pretty good when we put everything together. We now have a pretty good 7 member band. We will be playing Monay at the Bolder Boulder along with the Lyons Drumline (once again me and Robin will be joining them) and hopefully we will redeem ourselves from last year.

-Zach Hawkins